Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bamboo Grove Woven

Fortunately, I only had about 250 picks to weave, and that was about the limit for me.

The eye that was operated on is still pretty fuzzy (it'll clear gradually over the next week or so). Even with new reading glasses (I bought several pairs, each a different diopter rating and each intended for different needs - computer, loom, Kindle reading or knitting) I wasn't seeing as clearly as I should.

As a result, my studio day was very much an abbreviated one. I expect it'll be more of the same tomorrow. It's always a risk to try to do too much when you've not firing on all cylinders, as it were.


neki desu said...

take it easy for a couple of days.the loom will wait for you:)

Margreet said...

Sandra, hope you will adjust to the new lens in your eye quickly. Give your eye some rest. Happy weaving later.

Cate Markey said...

Your bamboo grove is lovely!