Saturday, September 01, 2012

Another Ruffle Scarf, and the Next Jacquard Piece

I found some interesting ruffle yarn at Michaels (hey, I had coupons for 50% off, and *had* to use 'em!) that's turning out very nice:

This yarn is a much more open mesh than the yarn I showed a few days back, so it's a quicker knit on larger needles, and has a nice airy look. Not only that, it's only $5.00 per ball [scarf], an absolute steal compared to some other ruffle yarns you'll find at your upscale LYS. I started another today, in shades of blue, and plan to go back to look for some other colorways. You may scoff at Michaels, but sometimes it pays to shop for knitting yarn there.

And, the latest jacquard piece, a day-lily in orange-red, gold, and green, is underway:


Connie Rose said...

Great scarf!

neki desu said...

i was given a scarf knitted w a similar yarn last fall and this summer i was given another one. not bad for a non-knitter. :)