Monday, August 27, 2012

Bamboo Grove

Today's weaving session saw me about half-way through the image of the bamboo grove:

More photos tomorrow...

I'm scheduled for the cataract surgery on my right eye on Wednesday, so I'd like to get this image woven before that. Once the surgery's done, it'll take a couple of days before the eye settles down enough for me to buy reading glasses and whatever else I'll need to transition from my old eyes (very nearsighted) to the new eyes (great distance vision, but the near vision is about what every aging person experiences - fuzzy; as in "why are my arms getting shorter? I can't read the newspaper any more without holding the papert as far from my face as possible!").

My father-in-law says the hardest part to adjust to is needing glasses at times exactly opposite to the before-surgery eyes. I used to not need glasses to read or weave, but absolutely had to have 'em to drive. Now, it'll be the reverse - get out the glasses to read or weave, put them aside to drive.


Laura Fry said...

A-ha - the bionic woman! Enjoy your 'new' eyes.

neki desu said...

husband-san's experience was the opposite; bionic eyesight for reading, glasses for far. the doctor was fascinated w. his case and kept following up for 6 months