Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ruffle Scarves, and Back to Work

In a comment on the previous post, Connie said "Doesn't look like a scarf..."

That's probably because I'd only knit about 5 inches of the length before the holes in the yarn put a stop to the work. Plus, I had pulled out the knitting needle, so you can't tell from the needle which direction is which (length vs width).

In the photo below, you can see 2 of the scarves from that same yarn that were knit either on the way to Russia or during the trip. The black one with silver edging is 6 stitches wide; the white one with almost invisible silver edging is 8 stitches wide, and therefore a little wider but shorter than the black one. (A ball of yarn with only 44 yards on it doesn't make a huge scarf!) In any case, this is how this particular ruffle yarn works up.

Both of my looms have had an extended holiday since mid-June. Aside from a couple of towels, the dobby loom has been quiet, and the jacquard loom hasn't been used since I finished the weaving of Carolyn, shown here. That post is dated late July, but the weaving actually began in early June and then had to be paused because I was having some loom problems (since resolved, thank heavens).

Today, after lashing the black warp back onto the cloth apron rod, I wove a couple of different weaves in beige yarn, just to be sure none of the hooks were still on holiday. Then I wove an inch of the bamboo grove to verify that the aspect ratio of the image is correct. Tomorrow, I'll begin to weave the image in its entirety.

You might have seen the bamboo image before - I wove it originally when the loom had only 960 hooks, and that piece sold last summer. The image has been modified a little in contrast levels, a logo was added, and then the revised edition was resized for 1440 hooks. Stay tuned for more pictures as the weaving progresses. It uses only 2 weft colors, so it goes relatively quickly, compared to the weaves with 3 weft colors.

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