Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Potpourri

Here's a better shot (taken by one of the other flyers in the group) of DH coming in for a landing in the Superman harness. Click to enlarge

Today's adventure was more liquid-based. Another of our favorite wineries held an event for their wine club members. This is a small operation, and because their output is small, they only sell to the wine club - the wines aren't available in any retail shop. Just for fun, the owner/winemaker decided to bring in some inferior grapes from another grower and let the club members have a chance to stomp grapes. "I ain't gonna bottle that stuff after eveyone has been playing in it!" he said. At one point, a local reporter (newspaper? wine magazine?) interviewed Len standing in the stomped grapes. The winemaker is on the left, interviewer on the right:

Just to keep this post somewhat fiber-related, I will show you a stack of 13 towels that I cut off the dobby loom today:

The warp still is long enough for a few more towels, but I decided to resley the reed. The unmercerized yarn of the warp is really "sticky" and I've been having to weave very slowly to get a clean shed. Either a warp end gets stuck in the middle of the shed, then breaks when the shuttle goes through, or the fine mercerized weft makes loops inside the shed because it gets caught up on a tiny slub that sticks out from a warp end. The reed is now resleyed at 40 epi instead of 46, and I have my fingers crossed that the last few towels will go a little faster. I'm planning to weave a couple of them in waffle weave.

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Laura Fry said...

Not much fun having to fight with the yarn. Fingers crossed the rest goes smoothly.