Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lashing On

The towel warp is now lashed onto the cloth apron, tensioned, and woven with a few picks of waste yarn to space the warp ends out properly. Then I wove the hem for the first towel, in a yarn that matches the warp in color, but is a finer mercerized yarn.

The draft I chose is a classic waffle on a 20-shaft straight threading, using the last 4 shafts for the basket selvedge:

A similar waffle could be woven on 10 shafts with a point threading by using only the lower left quadrant of the tieup.

Then, to reward myself for getting the towel warp ready to go and finalizing this and a couple of other waffle drafts, I wove a few inches on the hellebore image on the jacquard loom. Not enough to warrant another picture; I last posted about it here.


Amanda Cutler said...

I can't wait to see the texture on this one. Close ups, please!!

neki desu said...

your lashing looks so well tensed and even it's a joy to look at.