Monday, September 24, 2012

Hellebore Woven

I finished weaving the hellebore image today. This photo was taken when I was about 2 inches from the top of the image, before the center of the flower disappeared under the cloth beam:

I have a few other images queued up for weaving, so unless Susan objects, I probably won't cut the woven pieces off the warp just yet. The first two in the queue are classic California scenery - Kings Canyon in the Sierra, and Pfeiffer Beach in the Big Sur area. Here they are with their swatches showing the yarn color families:

Each image has a plain border, which will be hidden when the piece is mounted.


Susan Harvey said...

Susan doesn't mind at all! (Susan is very happy as you are making my Christmas present :)

It looks wonderful!
.... and there's no hurry at all.
True story.
:) Susan

neki desu said...

are those the colors of the big sur image? they give it a nice visual twist.

Teresa Ruch said...

Could you talk about the previous hook arrangement and the new one. Has this made a difference in what you weave, in details or refined detail in the new hooks. Is this what you expected to happen. Would you add more hooks/moduals sometime? Why?