Monday, September 03, 2012

Moving On ...

The lily piece is woven, and I've got the shuttles loaded for the next jacquard piece. Here's the top part of the lily; ignore the colors in the shuttles, those are for the next piece. The light-headed pins are there to tension some threads that have loosened. A little tug, a pin to keep them tensioned; in an inch or two of weaving, they'll be held in place by the cloth.

By the time I got this far, most of the bamboo grove was visible under the loom:

The next piece will be Susan Harvey's hellebore photo, shown here indexed to 13 hues (several fuchsia values, several green values, and a range of white-to-black:

Stay tuned...

I hope that those of you who celebrate Labor Day had a good holiday - I definitely had fun, weaving! It's not work if it's what you love doing, after all, so I count it as holiday.


Susan Harvey said...

What a pleasant surprise to see my picture is up in the queue!

I'll be watching closely... and would like to talk to you about the finished piece when its done.

:) Susan
weever at shaw dot ca

Connie Rose said...

Love that bamboo. From this vantage point it looks like an ancient Asian tapestry!