Thursday, October 04, 2012


I can't remember when I've been so relieved to cut a warp off the loom.

By the time the weaving was done and the 4 waffle towels cut off, there was still at least 8 inches of usable warp. Not enough for another towel, but I wasn't nearly at the drop-dead point on the warp!

This is what was left on the cone of warp yarn, after using most of it for repairing knots and breaks in the warp:

The loom's motor shaft lifting system wasn't really happy about weaving drafts in which as many as 22 out of 24 shafts were lifted at once. It would just refuse to lift those picks. And you know how waffle works - the draft gradually goes from lifting just a few shafts to lifting most of the shafts, and gradually back again, so the "heavy" lifts just keep repeating. I could hear a sigh from the lifting system when I wove the last hem, because it was broken twill and lifted half the shafts on any given lift.

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neki desu said...

may hemming proceed!