Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Waffles, Stll!

I finished weaving the third waffle towel, and walked around to the back of the loom to see whether the apron knots were visible. Yes, but only just visible - there's clearly enough warp for yet one more towel!  I planned the warp for 16, and I've woven 16 so far. I think perhaps the fact that the warp has been on the loom, under tension, for so long (March!) perhaps the unmercerized cotton stretched a little.

The last towel will use the draft from the first one, the smaller waffle design, but with a weft that contrasts with the warp. Here you can see #1 and #2 under the loom, on their way onto the cloth beam:

I'm beginning to look forward longingly to weaving something else on this loom! There is some beautiful silk yarn on the work table. Almost a year ago, I dyed it in two different blue hues, and they're saying it's their turn now. I posted about the colors here, and the proposed design here. It would be good to get the silk warp on the loom in time for Open Studios, October 13-14.

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Laura Fry said...

The neverending warp? Done soon! :)