Saturday, October 27, 2012

More of Pfeiffer Beach

After about an hour's weaving, here's where I was on the beach:

And by the end of the weaving day, I had reached the little trickle of a waterfall that graces the beach:

Sorry, the light changes dramatically over that span of time, and so does the white balance on the camera... try as I might, I can't get the images to look like the same color palette at both stages.

There are places where both the blue yarn and either the green yarn or the white show up on the surface at the same time in equal intensities, giving me the effect of blue-green or pale blue:

Meanwhile, more of the hellebore weaving shows up under the loom, traveling over the knee beam to the ankle beam, then back toward the cloth storage beam.

I'm sure Susan will love it - I certainly do, and can't wait to see it finished and mounted on a stretcher, ready for framing!


Joel said...

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Susan Harvey said...

Hi again,

I know that I love it!
What would you say its overall dimensions are ?

Just curious...