Friday, October 26, 2012

Progress on Two Looms

The second blue silk scarf is woven, and the third begun. This one has a weft of very pale blue 60/2 silk, the same weight as the warp; the wefts for the previous scarves were 140/2 navy silk and then 120/2 light green silk.

Viewed from the front, at eye level, it's easier to see the structure, which is weft-wise advancing offset points, on a warp threaded with two interleaved networked curves offset both vertically and horizontally:

Here's the draft:

On the jacquard loom, I began to weave a piece based on an image of Pfeiffer Beach on the Big Sur coast. The original image was posted here - it's at the bottom of the page. The subject is difficult to see from this camera angle, because the image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

After this image is woven, I'll cut off the completed pieces and re-tie the remaining warp onto the cloth apron, then it'll be time for some finishing work. Susan wants her Hellebore before the holidays, after all!

1 comment:

Susan Harvey said...

Its okay to leave the hellebore on the loom. Don't cut it off for me okay?

I'm happy to wait... anticipation is the best part :)