Monday, November 12, 2012

Spring Has Sprung...

Fall Has Fell..
Winter Is Here...
and it's colder than usual.

For the past few nights, the temperature has dropped into the low 20s(F), and the little maple in the courtyard has declared the season to be Fall-going-on-Winter.

The cymbidium orchids, on the other hand, got enough hot days (mid 80s(F)) in the last few weeks that they've declared Spring and are busy putting out flower spikes. They spend the warmer months on the wooden bench next to the maple, but because of the freezing nights, they've been brought indoors. We'll have orchids in bloom for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, instead of the usual early Spring.

1 comment:

neki desu said...

just for the maple it's worth the cold. weather's weird, my clematis are flowering and the datura too.