Saturday, November 10, 2012

Towels, Again

The green-warp towels are all hemmed. They still need one last pressing and then tagging and boxing up for the next show.

The texture that the cloth exhibits if mostly due to the fact that the unmercerized warp fluffed up much more than the mercerized weft. However, keep in mind that these samples are shown *after* pressing.

Here are two in which the face and reverse are quite different:

On the second one, what's interesting is that the squiggly line goes warpwise on one side, and weftwise on the other.

Here's a crepe I designed using the principles in Alice's Crepe monograph, a Scandinavian-looking fancy twill, and a crepe that forms spirals:

Then there's a crepe (also one I designed) that makes rows of tiny flowers with leafy stems, and the waffle towels. Even a hard press doesn't deter the texture in the waffles!

Of course, as soon as they hit the water, the waffle cells will perk right up.


Laura Fry said...

Lovely. I'm partial to combining merc and unmercifully yarns for the sheen vs mat contrast. :)

Laura Fry said...

Argh autocorrect! That should have been unmercerized...

Sandra Rude said...

It's okay, Laura, I knew what you meant :-) Most of my towel runs use the contrast between the two yarns. I have particularly enjoyed doing turned satin towels this way, and although it's too soon to think about another never-ending (6-month!) towel warp, that'll be on the agenda sometime soon.

Alice said...

Oh what a loverly bunch of crepes and waffles. These are gorgeous. What fun. Yes, hooray for straight draw.

neki desu said...

in love w the crepe ones.

Lynnette said...

Looking at your towels has just sold me on Plaited Twill ~ so lovely!

Bibliotecaria said...

I had thought about doing this, but wasn't sure how absorbent and functional a towel would be with a blend of mercerized and unmercerized I the cloth. Have you used them?