Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tencel Warp in Progress

While waiting for the yarn I dyed for the next jacquard pieces to dry, I began winding the sections of warp on the dobby loom that use the variegated skein of 30/2 tencel from Just Our Yarn that I showed here. The JOY yarn is in 1-inch stripes, alternating with stripes of a 30/2 tencel/silk blend that I dyed a neutral charcoal brown. The two yarns, though the same size, have a radically different appearance and texture, which should work well with the structures I'm planning to use.

The 100% tencel yarn is smooth and tightly plied. The tencel/silk blend is somewhat rough, because it's very loosely plied. If you click the image to display the full-size version, you'll see that the twist difference between the two is about a 3- or 4-to-1 ratio, which makes a huge difference in how the yarns will look in the finished cloth.

The 100% tencel will be a long twill or a satin, and the tencel/silk will be a crepe. The difference in luster between the two structures should be emphasized by the difference in luster between the two yarns.

I don't know how much of the warp will get beamed before I start weaving the jacquard pieces. Stay tuned.

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neki desu said...

lovely textural contrast. can't wait to see the outcome