Sunday, January 27, 2013

Progress in the Studio

The jacquard loom warp is lashed onto the cloth apron rod:

There's yarn in a dyepot:

The color is actually more orange than the picture shows - it'll be used in the image I've got ready to weave once the yarn is dry (tomorrow or the next day):

This one is based on a photo taken by Evelyn Oldroyd. The image is indexed to 12 colors - as you can see from the color chips at the bottom of the image: 2 greens, some apricots, some whites and greys, plus black.


Laura Fry said...

Nothing like the potential of a warp ready to weave. :)

neki desu said...

first photo could easily win a beauty contest.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous colour for January. I know January in California is not as colour-deprived as it is here... but I bet it zaps any little chills!