Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today was one of those days during which I only reached the studio at 4pm, after too many hours spent on a myriad of critical but unfortunately non-textile-related tasks. I managed to weave another 150 picks on Evelyn's Apricots, though, once I finally got started on the really important stuff.

Yes, you're right - the logo block says "12." I plopped the data into the image file without even reading it! Too late to fix now, unless I embroider a "2" into a "3." Black Permanent Marker might come in handy here. I will, however, edit all the other files in the jacquard queue to say "13" before I weave any other images.

I had to fix a broken warp end about 2 inches back; the replacement end is held in place by a pin with a large, flat yellow head. Broken warps don't happen very often on this loom - the thread I use for warp is mercerized cotton, which is usually very strong. Based on the location of the break, I suspect that a shuttle caught a warp end in the middle of the shed and walloped it hard enough to break the thread.


Laura Fry said...

Can identify with the administrivia. Spent much of my time doing similar!


neki desu said...

love the word. may use it with due credit

Anonymous said...

I reckon I get used to the number of the new year at just about the time I have to start thinking of it as the old year... Nice to leave a little puzzle for the art historians of the future, though!