Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another 250 Picks and a Draft

Another 250 (or so) picks on the apricot image are woven:

Also, I've got a new draft ready for the brown scarf warp:

This has a granite weave based on 10-end satin in the stripe on shafts 1-10, and a 5-end satin in the stripe on shafts 11-20. Because of the way the granite behaves, the floats are fairly short (max of 4) so it should beat in at about the same rate as the 5-end satin. That's the theory, anyway, and I'll stick to it until the loom proves me wrong.


Laura Fry said...

Sometimes you just have to try it and see what happens!

Alice said...

Yummy. Can't wait to see this one.