Friday, March 15, 2013

And We're Weaving!

After a short sample, I decided which variation of the draft to use for the first scarf on this 3-scarf warp. So far, only about 12 inches woven, but I'm liking how it looks.

There are stripes of variegated 30/2 tencel in a selection of warm browns, and stripes of a solid-dyed 30/2 tencel/silk blend (80%/20%) in a cool brown.

You can see how sheer the cloth is going to be. The variegated stripes are sett at 60/inch, and this draft weaves them in a 5-end satin; the solid stripes are sett at 50/inch, and woven in a crepe. The solid yarn has a very matte finish because it is a little fuzzy and very loosely plied. The variegated is tightly spun and plied, and is very lustrous.

Here's the draft:

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