Monday, March 18, 2013

Swiss Cheese

My small AVL hand shuttle has always felt a little too heavy. My hands complain if I weave with it for several hours at a time. I finally asked DH, "What can we do to make this shuttle lighter? We can't do anything about the metal bits (tensioner and pirn shaft), since they are integral to the operation of the shuttle."

A few minutes with the drill press, and a few minutes with sandpaper and a buffing machine, and I now have a Swiss Cheese shuttle that's almost one ounce lighter - enough to make a difference!

This is the side view (the side toward the reed when the shuttle is in use). There is a matching set of holes on the opposite side, some of which you can see through the opening in the bottom of the shuttle.


Unknown said...

What a clever idea!

Saski x

Alice said...

Brilliant! It almost looks like a Hollerith card, which is very appropriate for a jacquard weaving shuttle.

neki desu said...

cute!tell ya' you could make a fortune renting him out :)

Anonymous said...

What a very attractive modification! And a satisfyingly elegant solution to the original problem too.

Margreet said...

Great idea and looking good! It would be a woodworker to come up with this idea.