Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Static Solution

Because we live in an arid climate, static is always a problem, especially when weaving with silk. I usually hold a piece of fabric softener sheet for the dryer around the thread as I wind it onto the pirn, but sometimes - in really dry weather - even that's not enough. I get tired of seeing the thread sticking to anything remotely in its path - the shuttle, the shuttle race, the cord for the clamp temples, my hand, etc. So today, in desperation, I wrapped a dryer sheet around the pirn in the shuttle. It didn't want to stay in place for more than a few picks, so I finally put sticky tape around it.

Problem solved (I hope!). Here's a closeup of scarf #3, which has 5-end satin in the variegated stripes, and a granite weave based on 10-end satin in the solid-dyed stripes. The warp is sleyed at 60 epi in the variegated stripes, and 50 epi in the solid stripes. The reed marks are quite obvious now, but will  vanish during wet finishing.

Here's the draft:

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neki desu said...

how apt the title laura chose for her book!
after water performs the scarf will be wonderful.