Monday, April 15, 2013

The Two-Thirds Mark

Most of today's studio time I spent twisting fringes on the brown scarves, which I cut off the loom yesterday. However, I can only twist fringes for a limited amount of time (stress on the hands, mostly) so I took a break to work on the jacquard loom.

The second Fire image is at the 1200-pick mark, or two-thirds completed.

The little blobs of black were a bit disconcerting, until I realized there are two transition areas in the image. The lower third is mostly rust, which transitions through a stage of rust and white ripples to an area of mostly white. After that, the mostly white part transitions through a stage of white and black ripples, and finally the upper third is mostly black. So I've gotten to the white-to-black transition stage.

The next few hundred picks will be fun to weave, with lots of pattern areas and ripples, and then I reach the part where everything is black. Boring!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I have been missing out on these stunning images and now I am overdosing on all your posts at once! The rippled texture is mesmerising and it really doesn't look like flat cloth at all. Wonderful!