Friday, April 12, 2013

Weaving on Two Looms

It's what we call timesharing :-)

On the dobby loom, I finished scarf #3, thinking that the apron knots must surely be approaching the rearmost heddles. Aaack! There's enough warp on there for another scarf! And here I thought it was a 3-scarf warp. Oh well, I quickly came up with yet another combination of satin (for the variegated stripes) and granite (for the solid stripes) and proceeded to weave the first 8 inches or so. Here's a [very] close up view of the new draft-in-progress.

Getting bored with this warp! I wanted to be away from it for a while, so I moved over to the jacquard loom and wove another 300 or so picks of the second Fire image. At the 900-pick mark, I'm about halfway up the image:

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neki desu said...

yep. i find that weaving yardage is a character building experience.