Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ecclesiatical Stole, First Design Motif

The first 4 or 5 inches were very boring - all the same structure across the cloth (except for the selvedges). Then the fun started.

My loom is a very opinionated creature. It simply doesn't like to weave "plain cloth." That is, cloth with the same structure all over for many inches. Maybe it gets bored. But those first 4 or 5 inches took *forever* because I kept having to set down the shuttle and manually lift hooks that should have lifted but didn't. The leftmost module I'm using is the main miscreant.

The structure is turned 6-end false satin. After sampling 5-end and 7-end satins, I found the loom liked the 6-end false satin best, and I liked the resulting interlacement, so that's what I poured into the files containing the design motifs. I'm weaving the cloth face down, because the back is where the fewest lifts are, and the lifting errors are easier to spot from that side.

The first (lowest) motif of the stole is an olive branch. In this photo, I'm almost through the "design" part of the motif file and then it's back to "plain cloth" for a few inches. I hope you can see this - photographing white-on-white is tricky!

I've been watching the left couple of inches with an eagle eye for misbehaving hooks, so I didn't notice that there were a few toward the right side (just above the left leaf on that side) that didn't lift when they should. I'll have to mend those with needle and thread once the cloth is off the loom. With all the hook errors, unweaving is completely out of the question.

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neki desu said...

not a miatake at all, it's themaker's hand manifesting itself.

i also like 6 end false satin a lot.