Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nearly There

The white warp is resleyed, and trimmed. Each bundle represents one module's worth of warp (120 threads).

Here's the view from the back of the loom, looking over the warp beam. The lease sticks are holding the black warp on the 4 outer modules on each side out of the way below the white warp, but the white warp on the center 4 modules is no longer "leased."

In the process of changing over from an all-black warp to an all-white (but narrower) warp, I've found some areas under the loom that apparently haven't been dusted in a long time. This is the state of the duster:

You can see the huge black cotton dust bunnies, which happily settled into the undercarriage of the loom. And this is all from an area of about 4 feet by 1 foot. Note to self: Dust more often!

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