Monday, May 06, 2013

Progress by the Inch

The white warp is going slowly onto the loom - other (non-textile) tasks keep getting in the way.

I should be able to finish tomorrow, and begin tying knots to connect this warp to the remains of the black warp still running from behind the heddles to the front of the reed. I'll post some pictures while the knots are in process.

In the meantime, one more jacquard piece is mounted and framed:

I have a couple more to go, but they'll have to wait until my supply of fusible interfacing is replenished. That's what I use to back the weaving to reinforce it on the stretcher frame.


Connie Rose said...

The bamboo piece is spectacular!

Peg Cherre said...

Your jacquard weaving always blows me away! It's not something I'm interested in doing myself, but I'm SO impressed by it.