Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Knitting Project Completed

While waiting for the ecclesiastical stole to go through the washer and dryer, I finished the final seam on this infinity scarf:

You can wear it as a long loop, or double it up to make a cowl/neckwarmer:

Thickish yarn in an acrylic/wool blend with nice color transitions, size 10 (US) needles, moss stitch... an easy knit. The recipe called for a provisional cast-on with waste yarn (no problem) and then a double-needle cast-off (which I had never done before). At first I didn't like the resulting ridged seam very much, but after spraying it with water and stretching and squishing by hand, it isn't so obvious. Next time, I'll try the Kitchener grafting method and see if I like it better - Kitchener is more difficult than the double-needle castoff, though.


Connie Rose said...

Nice! and nice photo, too!

neki desu said...

nice color transitions yep

Ruth said...

Not sure how Kitchener would work with moss (or even seed) st. Kitchener assumes you're connecting two items that use the same stitch.

Still, I think some form of Kitchener would be better than a 3-needle cast-off, which does leave a big ridge on one side.