Friday, June 14, 2013

Cutting Off Ceremony

The stole is woven, and none too soon! Turns out that 4 yards was just about exactly the length I needed for the project, as you can see by the position of the sectional knots in this photo:

 Tomorrow, I'll put both the old black warp ends and the newly finished white warp ends onto one set of lease sticks. That will make the tying on process for the next warp (all black, btw) simpler, with less hardware in the way.

Here's the front view:

 And a glimpse of the cloth, with the dove showing.

 Also on tomorrow's agenda is to mend anything that needs mending with needle and thread, and then to do wet-finishing.

There's still quite a bit of work to do - creating a pattern for the back-of-the-neck piece, applying interfacing, and sewing on lining. I think it'll be a plain white muslin - we don't want anything slippery on the underside, or it won't stay in place during services!


Laura Fry said...

Yes, the weaving is just the start! Nice to get that bit done, though. :)


neki desu said...

hip hip hurrah!