Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back at the Loom...

... after a variety of interruptions. The Contemporary Crafts Market was last weekend, then we spent much of Monday with DH's parents in the LA area before driving home.

I'm back in the studio, but finding the going very slow. The unmercerized cotton warp really does prevent hooks from doing what they should. At this point, I'm trying to complete a yard of "plain cloth" to finish off the cloth for the stole for Uncle Jim. Yes, I'm still trying...

Here's what "plain cloth" looks like - a nice 6-end false satin, woven with the weft-faced side up:

At the left side or the right side, you can just make out the little zig-zag pattern of the false satin. It's slow going because on nearly every other pick, one or more hooks refuses to lift. Sometimes, it's only one misbehaving:

Sometimes it's more:

When that happens, I have to reach in between the modules, and manually lift the recalcitrant hooks so their threads will be in the right position:

In the photo above, it's about the sixth hook from the front. Unfortunately, the space between modules is guarded by some very sharp brackets:

Those brackets are placed perfectly to slice into my hand as I reach in between:

Small cuts, but blood is hard to wash out of white cloth. I usually devise a makeshift bandaid out of scotch tape and a small scrap of kleenex.

Only 4 inches still to weave, and then I can cut this off the loom and begin the assembly process! Can't wait!


neki desu said...

double ouch!
c'mon loom gods help the woman. please.

Laura Fry said...

Perseverance. Sometimes it is teeth gritting time in order to do what needs to be done. Glad you are nearing the end.


Margreet said...

Glad you are nearing the end. No fun when the loom does not what you want it to do. Looking forward to seeing it finished.