Sunday, June 30, 2013

Construction Site

The ecclesiastical stole is still under construction. I've applied interfacing, sewed the shoulder and back neck seams (thanks to DH for acting as fitting model so I could get the seam angles right), cut out lining and sewed its seams, then began the binding around the edges. I've got one edge done, the neck edge; tomorrow I'll do the second edge, the outer edge. The bottom edges will be a separate bit of binding - I didn't want to try to make mitered corners on 1/4-inch binding! I know, what a coward I am.

Today's high temperature topped out at 110(F)/43(C). The air conditioning unit for the studio was working hard, but it kept the room a comfortable 82(F) for me. We hope that the prediction for tomorrow is accurate - only the high 90's :-)

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