Friday, June 28, 2013

Melted Cat

It's 2pm, and 106(F)/41(C). Gracie is napping happily, just outside the study door. She has an open door just beyond the white chair whose leg is in the photo, and water nearby, so it's her choice whether to be in or out. This is clearly her favorite weather! She would prefer to be outdoors 24/7, although because of coyotes and other predators we keep her indoors at night.

I'll bring her indoors before it gets any hotter, though. In any case, I have a Designing Weavers meeting in Los Angeles tomorrow, so we need to get her inside before we leave this afternoon on the drive south.

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Sandra Rude said...

P.S. Just after publishing this post, I brought Gracie indoors. She's now wailing (or is it "caterwalling?") at the door begging to go back out.