Saturday, June 01, 2013

Ecclesiastical Stole : Last Two Design Elements

This afternoon, I wove design motifs 4 and 5:

This is the Jesuit logo, with the letters IHS plus some other motifs - a cross extending upward out of the "H" and three small "nails?" below the letters.. I worried that it wouldn't be "readable" in the cloth, but it looks like it'll be fine.

The uppermost motif is a Celtic cross, and it seems to read well, too. The cross should fall below the shoulder after the stole is assembled and sewn. Over the heart is what I'm aiming at.

And here's a look back at the Dove motif, seen under the cloth beam, where what's "up" is the "right" side of the cloth. (I'm weaving "back side up.")

This is how I envisioned the cloth, with the motifs in lustrous yarn against the matt ground.  I think it will be stunning in the final, finished stole. Even more visible than I had hoped!

Now all I have to do is weave 12 or so inches of "plain cloth," meaning only weft-faced 6-end false satin. As I said before, this loom doesn't like "plain cloth" so it'll be slow going...

Plus, there will be lots of mending with needle and thread after the cloth is off the loom. Oh, well. I can do that.

Hopefully, the heat will abate some - today was over 100*(F) but it's supposed to be cooler for the next few days. More humidity would be nice, too, as we've had less than 11% a couple of days recently. Much of California is supposed to be desert, after all, so it's not a surprise when the desert-like conditions prevail.


Alice said...

The white on white is gorgeous. It's going to be a beautiful finished product.
My loom doesn't like plain cloth either.

Sheila said...

I hope that you are far from the forest fires!