Monday, June 24, 2013

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Having got the Wine Festival over with, and inventory and display equipment put back where they belong, I resumed working on the ecclesiastical stole.

I rechecked files and emails back and forth, and confirmed the shoulder-to-hem length that DH's uncle requested, then searched through my pattern stash to find something that would give me the right slope for the front and back shoulder seam lines. DH was kind enough to model some recycled tissue pieces for me, so I'm pretty sure the finished cloth will hang properly over the shoulders.

I pinned the tissue pieces to the cloth and traced around them with tailor's chalk:

You'll notice that there are no scissors in either photo. Before any cutting begins, I'll take the length of cloth to the sewing machine, and either serge or zigzag the cutting lines. That should prevent fraying while construction continues. Stay tuned!

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