Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Thread Under Tension... a well-behaved thread. During the sleying process, I use a Photoshop-created design file to lift the warp ends four threads at a time. This makes it much easier to be sure I'm grabbing the right four threads for each dent in the reed.

However, the lifting action of this jacquard loom means that all threads are lifted, then the selected threads stay up while the remainder sink to their rest position. All that lifting and sinking means that the threads I have already sleyed have a tendency to sneak out the back of the reed if I'm not careful.

Which is why my collection of fishing weights make sure the sleyed ends stay where they belong until I've got them ready to tie onto the apron rod.


Unknown said...

Hi Sandra
I do sley my Jacq3G the same way, lifting as many threads I need in a dent, except that I prepare a different file for each module of my loom.
This way, all the unused modules stays inactive while I work on a specific module. I also think it give less stress to my loom .
Can't wait to see the new designs on your loom
Bravo and Bon tissage
Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada

neki desu said...

i really enjoy all of your clever solutions.they remind me of the late ed franquemont maxim that weaving is more like jazz than brain surgery.