Monday, July 15, 2013


The warp is finally tied on and pulled through so that the knots are past where the beater and reed will be. I've cut off most of the length of the old warp ends, leaving only a small amount so I have plenty of room to thread the reed - that's tomorrow's task.

This has taken a very long time, partly because my back keeps complaining about sitting in one position for so long, my hands don't like the knotting process much, and we've had interruptions in the form of house guests. While they were here, we took a day off to do some serious wine tasting at a couple of the area's best wineries - Tablas Creek and Denner - both of which produce Rhone-style wines. Yum!


Alice said...

I'm thinking that living in wine country makes you everyone's favorite person to visit! :-)

Sandra Rude said...

You and Bruce are welcome any time!