Friday, July 19, 2013

The Next Big Thing

Here's the image I'm working from. Ignore the bright red border - in substituting weaves, that becomes a 50/50 blend of two of the yarn colors.

First of all, the blue-violet I had in the stash was more of a blue-with-a-hint-of-violet than the color chips in the image. Second, I decided that using a white yarn would be too dramatic a contrast, so I looked in the stash for light-value alternatives. First I lined up the blue-violet and red-violet with a lavender - too grey, and sad looking. Then I changed out the lavender for the same bubblegum pink I used in the previous piece, and the combination looked cheerful and happy. Okay! Here's the piece at 500 or so picks:

And at about 850 picks, when I quit for the day:

In looking at the photos of the weaving, I suspect that I may have got the red-violet and blue-violet shuttles in the wrong order from the beginning; the pink is definitely where it should be, but I'm not sure about the others. However, I'm really liking how this one is turning out so it hardly matters! This is what we call a "feature" and not a "bug."


Connie Rose said...

Wow. That's going to be magnificent!

Laura Fry said...

Happy accidents are, well, happy?

Unknown said...

Bravo Sandra
It looks great !
Thank you for sharing your procedure to fix hook problems.
One of mine is to throw 3 to 5 shots of tabby with a "non slippery weft" before I beat them all at once, the loose threads then are showing up in the web and the tension is adjust by itself or sometime I have to give a help to it with a pin . When needed, I repeat .....
until an acceptable tension for MISTER Jacq3G who is not easy to satisfy !
Bravo again
Do I have the right procedure to add a comment
These are my first trials ?