Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tulips, Day Two

Today I reached the half-way point in the weaving, at about 650 picks, half yesterday and half today. My typical pick count on a daily basis is much higher. However, I'm really trying to follow advice and take it easy. No 1000-pick days for a while!

The tulips are starting to look more like tulips. I'm getting a kick out of how much influence on color representation the overhead flourescent lamp has. The yarn in the red shuttle and the center part of the weaving, where the lamp shines most brightly, shows the red as an orange-red, while the outer edges show a more magenta red. The poor camera doesn't know what to do, oh my!

Tomorrow I have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who did the appendectomy, so I won't get as much weaving done. Oh, well; another 2 days should see this piece woven.

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Cally said...

Gently does it! Glad to find you're on the mend, and even back at the loom. Hope the follow-up shows everything as it should be. Then put your feet up and relax...