Monday, August 12, 2013


A couple of years ago, my friend Fran took some photos of a tulip garden in the Netherlands. I got her permission to try weaving one or more of the images. Here's one, indexed to a couple shades of blue, some reds, and some white-or-probably-ivory.

And here are the first few inches on the loom:

By the end of those few inches, my energy meter dropped to zero, so I stopped there. Of course, you can't tell much from that small a sample, but I'll weave more tomorrow and hope the impact of the image is more positive then.


neki desu said...

good to see you cranking !

Unknown said...

Happy to see you back in your studio !!!!!
And on your blog .....
Take care as you know energy, sometime, does not rebuild up fast. it needs time to reconstruct and a lot of patience , specially when you are use to have some much of it.
Your new work is very interesting ......