Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Near the End of the Multishaft Crackle Yardage

I have only about 12 inches left to weave on the multishaft crackle yardage, then it will be time to cut the cloth off the loom. I keep trying to capture the texture of the cloth on "film" but it is very elusive. Here are a couple of attempts I made yesterday at the point where the cloth moves under the loom onto the cloth storage beam at the back.

Click to enlarge, and you'll see the big S-shaped curves in the design. The next pictures I post will be of the cloth after it has been cut off and wet finished.

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neki desu said...

i am not a texture person, but i'm making an exception with this one. ;) networked crackle takes the oldish look and gives it a new flavor and the iridescence rounds it out.