Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Silk in the Dyepots

The skeins of silk (25/2nm from Thailand via eBay) are wound in 1260-ish-yard skeins, scoured, mordanted in 12% alum, and finally put into the dyepots that I used on the Tencel yarns shown after dyeing here. I'll check them tomorrow, and decide whether they are ready to be removed and rinsed, or should stay and soak up color for a few more days.

I suspect the one in the middle (Quillabordon) will need more time to develop as much color as is left in the dyepot. The other pots still have lots of color left in 'em, and 4 hours will probably be enough time.

I am looking forward to finding out how different the silk colors are from the Tencel colors. You'll see the results in a few days.

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neki desu said...

oh the surprise element!