Thursday, February 06, 2014

And We're Off!

After so much tinkering with the loom to make it the width that I wanted, I'm relieved to find that it still knows how to weave:

The tiger maple Leclerc used back in the '70s certainly shows up well in this shot - those aren't lines of shadow on the far upright, just the grain of the wood.

It will take a little more tinkering to get the tie-up cords all the proper length; this loom has side-hinged lamms, so the length needs to be different for cords on treadle 1 compared to those on treadle 6. Also because of the side-hinged lamms, the treadling effort is more on treadles 5 and 6, and light on treadles 1 and 2. I suspect this may be why some loom makers (Gilmore, for example) went to lamms that stay parallel to the floor during treadling - that way, the force required is equal on all treadles.

The draft is Bronson Lace based on the design I posted here.

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