Friday, February 07, 2014

Chugging Along: Towel #2

After complaining about the difference in treadling effort with the original tie-up, I decided to bite the bullet and redo the tie-up. I arranged things so that the treadle tied to only 1 shaft is on the side toward the lamm hinge (the right side from the seated weaver's viewpoint), and the treadle tied to 3 shafts is on the far left; next to it are the treadles tied to 2 shafts each.

Of course, that meant re-memorizing the treadling block sequences, but there are only 2 blocks so that's no big deal.

I'm near the middle of towel #2 in this photo:

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Laura Fry said...

Dontcha just hate having to bite those bullets? :-/