Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Let the Sleying Begin!

Only a few inches done so far, but dinner called and I had to answer :-)

The under-castle lighting is working out really well. This photo was taken after dark, so there was no light coming in the window to the right of the loom, and only a little from hallway lighting. The bright light is all supplied by the LED light-strip on the underside of the castle tray that DH added to the loom.

There's been a lot of talk lately on WeaveTech about under-castle lighting. If you consider it, please don't buy from a specialist website such as some posters suggested - IMHO Amazon is much less expensive, and delivers very quickly (usually under 48 hours, even here in the boondocks).


Anonymous said...

Are your lights battery powered? I don't see a cord in the image.

neki desu said...

and if you have an ikea or a lidl nearby they'll solve your needs for a pitance.already wired and ready to plug in.