Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bright Idea!

In a comment on the last post, Stephanie S said "Perhaps attach the raddle to the shuttle race with ball bungees?" which got me thinking (an activity that always gets me in trouble but maybe not this time). I''ve decided to order a 4-dent reed the same size as a normal reed for this loom, but with an open top. That way, I can simply remove the beater top and the normal reed from the beater, slide the open-top reed into the beater, arrange the warp as I do using the AVL raddle, lower the the beater top slightly to hold the warp threads in place, and beam away. After all, the AVL raddle is 4 spaces per inch, and I'm accustomed to winding warps to fit into those parameters...

Thanks, Stephanie, for turning on the lights for me!

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Anonymous said...

You're most welcome. Sounds like you have a great idea.
Stephanie S