Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Cut-Off Point

This afternoon was cut-off time for the silk-pygora project:

Let the fringing begin!

In other news, I've (re)discovered kumihimo, and have decided that it is a better airplane project than knitting. At Convergence some years ago, I took my first kumihimo class with Giovanna Imperia, working with wire as she does for her spectacular jewelry. After the class, I did what we all do - I put away the bag containing my half-finished braids and foam kumihimo disks, and then somehow never picked them up again. At the February meeting of my local guild, the Central Coast Weavers, we had a hands-on program on kumihimo, and I reconnected with it in a very positive way. Fodder for future airplane trips! No implements with sharp points! No scissors! Won't the TSA be pleased.........


Pat said...

I always take a kumihimo pack on planes. I use the square one which provides a flat braid. These come in useful as closures for books. And as you say, nothing sharp to bother teh authorities. Be warned, you will get lots of strangers asking what you are doing. Debbie Richardson on our Silk Route trip, ended up teaching a busful of people to make barids!

neki desu said...

seems you overcame the knots!looking good.and oh please,please i do not need another crafts. at least in this lifetime