Monday, February 03, 2014

Warping Progress

From these 2 warp chains (posing with cones of yarn for weft):

..the next step was here:

This is what it looked like from the front, with the warp chains running through the AVL raddle (held in place with clamps borrowed from DH's workshop) then over and around the front beam, and back through the shafts where I could hold them while winding the warp beam.

DH made brackets that let me tie 2 lengths of cord to suspend the lease sticks behind the shafts.

Before I began threading, we moved the loom out of the dining room to its permanent home in an alcove in the upstairs hallway (aka the reading room), where I'm using the threading tracker function of iWeaveIt on my tablet to make threading easier than trying to read numbers from a sheet of paper:

Now I have a decision to make: which do I need more (or perhaps sooner), a raddle sized for this little loom,with a way to attach it more securely than clamps, or adapters to make the warp beam into a sectional beam? Hmmm. Difficult decision, neither option being at all out of DH's skill set...


Laura Fry said...

You have such a cute loom. ;)

neki desu said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps attach the raddle to the shuttle race with ball bungees? Your renovations to the loom came out great.
Stephanie S

Cally said...

Lovely warp, lovely loom, lovely spot to weave in. A triple win!