Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Got Red?

This is just over 300 gm of 60/2 silk dyed in Pro Chem Washfast Acid Dye (Magenta 338) at 3% WOF. Not a dark magenta, just fully saturated and intense.

It's destined to be one color of an interleaved 2-color warp. You've seen some of the potential candidates for the weave draft recently - look for the "Not Flat" posts.  The other warp color (a commercially dyed 60/2 silk) is a deep burgundy.

Still to be dyed are some of the weft skeins. At least 3 of the scarves in the run will have a blue-violet weft, probably 100/2 silk; the others may use navy, which I've already got in stock in what looks like 120/2 or maybe finer. 

There's plenty of time to dye the weft yarn, because an altogether different project will be beamed on the dobby loom first.

These are some beautiful lace-weight (~ 4600 yards per pound) Polwarth wool from Touch Yarns in New Zealand. I bought 3 skeins each of the purple and blue, and a single skein of the magenta, at a shop in Queenstown, South Island, back in 2001. I decided that it's vastly unlikely that I will ever knit with yarn this fine, so I'm working on some drafts for woven stripes in straight and broken twill, sett probably 30 ends per inch.

I've got some finer wool in navy and in royal blue, a 40/2 worsted-count yarn if I remember correctly, so this warp will be ready to go as soon as it's beamed.

I've measured exactly how much warp yarn I have, and designed the draft to use as much as possible of each color, while minimizing the risk of running out of any of them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because this yarn is not on the Touch Yarns website any longer, and anyway, NZ is a bit too far to go for "just one more skein!"


Connie Rose said...

Wow, what beautiful yarn! That wash fast magenta rocks!!

neki desu said...

my knitting machine would love those fine wool yarns!
think i'm going to finally bite the dust and get some acid dyes well w. mx and acetic acid, wool not so much.