Saturday, March 22, 2014

Progress in the Studio

The striped warp is partly beamed on the dobby loom:

This is a process that requires me to be standing the whole time, and the podiatrist I saw about the plantar fasciitis in my right foot recommended that I stay off my feet as much as possible. Even with a stack of gel-type mats on the floor beside the warping wheel, I can only do a few sections at a time before I need to switch to an activity I can do while seated.

That usually means weaving on the jacquard loom. This time, it's an image of a giant lobelia plant, which has the classic interlocked-spiral shape that is so common (and so awesome) in nature.

Here's a closeup:


Meg said...

The closeup is very interesting. I don't know what I was expecting, but it looks different from how I imagined, if that makes sense.

Sandra Rude said...

I forgot to mention that it's my usual black warp, with three wefts: a blue-green and a green that are very close in value, plus a much lighter yellow-green. The structure is shaded 9-end satins. Until the cloth is wet-finisihed, the "black" areas show a distinct vertical line - it'll all merge into solid "almost-black" in finishing.

neki desu said...

gorgeous colors!
ps. you sent me googling for your plantar thing. it didn't sound like it belonged to the botanical kingdom.