Monday, March 24, 2014

Today's Giant Lobelia

Today I beamed two more sections of the striped wool warp, and then it was time to be seated for a while. Here's where I am on the Giant Lobelia weaving:

In an attempt to capture the true colors of the wefts, here is a closeup of the yarns on the pirns in the shuttles:

As you can see, the blue and green are close in value and saturation, but the yellow-green is much lighter and more saturated. So in an extreme closeup of the cloth itself, maybe you can see the difference between the yarns. The blue outlines each petal (leaf?), which is then filled in with green. The petal (leaf?) veins are yellow-green, which (because it's a more saturated color) has a much more in-your-face visual effect.

I'm really enjoying this weaving. Everything goes smoothly (except for 2 hooks that are determined to misbehave but the errors are probably fixable in the finished cloth). After this one, I've got a lot of new designs completed and queued up for production. Stay tuned!


Laura Fry said...

A little yellow goes a long way. ;). Nice.

Connie Rose said...

So beautiful!

Alice said...

Love the closeup.

Jill said...

I love your jacquard weavings. I am curious how the weft colors are used. Is your draft set up so that you throw the three colors in order, over and over? Or, does the computer draft tell you which color each pick needs to be?