Monday, March 03, 2014


As you can see in the photo below, I've made some drastic changes from my first guess at the yarn colors for this project.

I've swapped light blue for what was white in the first sample (just to the left of the rightmost white strip), golden tan for beige, forest green for a bright yellowish green, and deep blue for the turquoise.

Think dusk, with cloudy sky reflected in a stream, late-summer golden meadow grasses, and a line of trees in the distance...

That's the scene I'm after. The original image was taken in broad daylight, but the goal is dusk. I won't know until I've woven some more if that's the scene I'm getting.

The first sample wasn't packing in tight enough; the second (separated from the first by a yellow-green strip) was beating in correctly, but the colors were too vivid. Let's hope the yarn gods are with me for the rest of the way.

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Alice said...

Interesting how the tan was so aggressive. Who'd a thought.